Professional foundry
pattern making

Development, production, modification, maintenance and repair of wood-, polyurethan-, polystyrol-, syntetic resin patterns shape our companies main competences.

and advisory

Following our motivation of being “perfect in form” we generally concentrate our work on your needs and your production-specific requests. Wether project planning, development of new technologies or presenting the range of our product portfolio we are pleased to introduce us and our companies philosophy to you.


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Experience, passion
and technology

Being innovative and progressive to its core our company has established the CAM and CAD milling and production technology in the early stages of its time. Following the companies own moral to adapt, enhance and reinforce its strengths many international operating, renowned firms of the casting industry are confiding our company’s services and products.

Do you consider to work with us, yet ? We hope to find your request(s) in our mail or receive a call to lay the foundation to a business relationship based on loyalty and partnership.

Quality, precision
and power

Finding its origin way back in the past, the traditional pattern making industry defined the barriers of our possibilities but we continuously expanded to meet our clients individual requirements. Our continuous development in Duisburg, Germany and Ozimek, Poland got us to a global operating expert in the making of foundry patterns and core boxes made of wood-, polyurethan-, polystyrol- and synthetic resins.

Experience and digital motivation gave and give our product-/service morphologies their competitive advantages as well as our unique accuracy and quality. Aggregated through our construction and quality department we will provide you with a product of undefined magnitude in quality and precision.

Foundry patterns and core boxes made of wood, polyurethan, polystyrol and synthetic resin, “perfect in form” and best in shape. Made by MB-Helm.