Produkujemy, budujemy i naprawiamy modele z drewna,
pianki, żywicy syntetycznej i tworzywa sztucznego.

Founded in the early 2000s, “Helm Modellbau” developed from a simple craft business to an independent pattern and core box manufacturing business stamped by professionalism, individuality and perfection and has build its strong position as a supplier for foundry patterns and casting projects across Europe.
Our business motto “perfect in form” became a fully lived and transitioned part of our working routine and our employees.

Our employees expertise and experience in production, construction and planning are the source of perfection and individuality. The acquisition of our second production facility in Poland brings us closer to our international costumers, gives us the chance of offering an even more wider product portfolio, even more individual services and adapting to new specific requirements of our clients.
Both production facilities provide us and you the best results in products and especially service within the European area and even further.

Key aspects of perfection:
competence and experience

Both, our work ethics of professionalism, precision and adaptivity, the extended barriers of our product portfolio paired with the nearly unlimited supply of working materials for your needs, generate the key component of MB-Helm’s production.
Our unique costumer relationship: reliability, advisory and maintenance of high quality standards and now more important than ever: transparent information exchange are the interpersonal components our clients highly appreciate.
Where experience meets flexibility: Merging our know-how in the pattern and mould industry with modern solutions we will provide our clients the best service and support them to strengthen their market position.


Years of market experience

Your starting point is our connecting point, our opening leads you further to your destination.

Provide us with your drawings, templates, 3D data or even your ideas, our constructors will realize your request as soon as possible. You can contact us by phone, mail or directly at our facility in Duisburg, Ger or Ozimek, PL.
It’s a “WE” thing: We are as excited about your work as about our work.
Looking forward to a great business partnership, because partnership means friendship.